1. Rewards and Benefits

When we reach at the age when we have to provide for ourselves, rewards and benefits are two important things we take a look at when getting a job. Does the salary covers all your day to day expenses?

Does the company offers HMO to pay for unfortunate events? Will you get to put away some savings when you sign for the job? Do I get a fixed weekends off?

2. Culture and Management

More than the salary you’re getting, you also have to gauge if you’re culture fit. Is there any employee engagement from the Human Resources team? Are they more of a team player or everyone work autonomously?

In my almost 10 years in the industry, I’ve been in several companies that mostly I enjoyed working in, but some of it, I learned a lot of lessons from. It really feels good receiving a high salary but if you’re not a culture fit your day to day working dynamics will suffer.

You also have to know who you’re going to work with. Research a little about the people and the management. It’s better to have a mentor than a boss.

The last thing you want to happen is suing the people that feed you right?

3. Location

Strategize where you want to put your time into especially when working in Manila. Do you want to spend more time with your family? On your hobbies? with your friends? Or you want to spend more time along EDSA? The traffic in this city is more often than not unbearable. The 5km distance from your house to your office sometimes takes you at least an hour on peak timings! Location. Location. Location.

4. Opportunities for Growth

Does the company offer you career growth plans? personal growth plans? What will happen with you within the organization after a year or two? Do you still see yourself doing the same job? Do want the same job? Does the company offer training? Mentoring?

5. Purpose

Is this work your passion? Ask yourself why you applied for this job. Would having this job make you happy? Before signing that job offer, make sure you’ll not compromise your morals or beliefs. Always have options so you’ll not end up making decisions irrationally. As the saying goes, there are many fishes in the sea, so as to job opportunities.

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