UX Design is the process of designing and enhancing the experience of the users. Before anything else, it is important to know is that the “Experience” in every product exists already…

…and the UX Designer’s job is to make that experience better.

ISO 9241-210:2010: UX describes as the “Ergonomics of human-system interaction.” Not to confuse you, UX designers do not always design what the user experience should be. Rather, they should also look for the pattern, behavior, and actions of a user. UX will improve how useful and easy it is to use your product. That being said, it will also generate good sales as well. UX is simply gathering people/user’s needs throughout the production.

As a UX Designer, always take into account these four (4) rules for a great User Experience.

  1. Being useful
  2. Usability and convenience
  3. Desirability (The way it looks)
  4. Business Goals (The last thing we need to consider)

Before designers get into all the tools and steps in becoming a UX designer, what we always need to remember is that: UX Designers should always focus on the user before the business goals. A designer’s priority is always to make the experience better.

Ways to Improve the design of your website

There are many aspects in which designers need to consider but what you really want on your website is customer retention. You have to capture every single visitor’s attention. Here are some tips we use at ABKD to ensure these visitors stay at our website:


In 2018, via statista.com, 52.2% of all website traffic is generated through mobile phones. This means that your website should be 100% mobile-friendly.


Your visitors should not wait for more than 4 seconds to load your site. Potential customers might abandon your site.

Negative Space

What is a negative space? It is the space to create balance. It acts as a separator and has the ability to highlight the call-to-actions. You should let your visitors breathe. Too much content will make your website overwhelming. Besides, negative space will increase the reading comprehension of your visitors.


Making a clear call-to-actions is a must on every website. SAP observed that the CTA button boosted their conversion rate over 32% instead of a text link.

Social Media Integration

Using and integrating social media on a website is a necessity. Simply because it makes sharing information convenient and easy. Not to mention, it can promote your business on a different platform.

Customer & Audience Engagement

It is important to track customer or audience engagement. Using tools like Google Analytics, Webmaster Tools, etc… We can track and see which marketing campaigns and strategies work the least as well as the best.

Clear Information

A piece of clear information generates customer interest. Make sure your visitors understand every feature you have on your site.

These are just some of the important factors and you have to double-check every detail of your website. Review your design from start to end. In order to make designing websites easier; UX Designers should follow specific processes. One important process is Design Thinking.

What is Design Thinking?

It is the process to understand user’s problems, challenges, assumptions, etc… Gathering all user information can create innovative solutions for your product. Why Design thinking is important? Due to rapid changes in our environment, the world is becoming more complex. Design thinking will inhale all these changes and create a human-centered design product.

To summarize: Design thinking helps us in our everyday lives. It is the ability to find problems and create solutions.

Design Thinking Process

  1. Empathize
    Gaining an empathic understanding of the problem and the users. This is where designers do the research and gather all possible information.
  2. Define
    Defining all the information gathered and created during the empathizing stage. Stating all your users’ problems and needs.
  3. Ideate
    Creating innovative ideas. Finding the solution to the problems.
  4. Prototype
    Creating solutions visually. This is where designers are experimenting with different kinds of visual solutions.
  5. Test
    Designers will try the solutions, by using the prototypes, and looking for new problems that might arise.
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During this process, designers often go back to the previous stages to find a better solution. It is not a strict step-by-step process. You can return to any previous stage if needed.

This is an overview of what UX is. We, at ABKD Studios, are experts when it comes to UX designs. We take part in different seminars and workshops all around the globe.

UX is part of our package

Every system and application we do, we integrate UX design. Making sure that the products that we create will generate and achieve every business goal and more.

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Ian Alcantara
Software Engineer