Online Classroom System

Mobile Application

A system designed for schools that provides a safe environment for students & teachers. This system enables them to share files, assignments, report quizzes & exams. It allows them to collaborate & connect with fellow students and teachers alike. This system can keep track of the student’s learning path while making it fun for them to study.

Java Android Studio               Laravel CMS               Adobe XD


Mobile Development
Research & UX
User Interface Design


Android Application
Content Management System


Basic Branding

Application Summary

An all-in-one mobile application where students easily access all study material from home. This will create a better and easier interaction between teachers and students.

There will 4 different roles who can access the application; the student, the teacher, the parent, and the school admin who will handle the content of the application.

A content management system is also availablethat is accessible on a computer browser. This will help the admin track content, usage, and can delete and add users.

Teachers can also collaborate with the student’s parents easily with the chat or emailing feature. It will also provide parents a summary of the student’s attendance, performance, and behavior.

This application can facilitate exams, quizzes, or any kind of assignment required for the student to finish.

Data security is well developed on this application as users can pay tuition fees directly to this application.

Feature Summary
  • Student, Teacher, and Parent Login
  • Activities – Assingments, Quizzes, Exams, Etc…
  • Attendance & Schedules
  • Online Payment Management
  • News Feature/Management
  • Personal and School Calendar
  • Push Notification
  • Chat & Email
  • Progress Monitoring
  • Downloadable Activities
  • Downloadable Report Card
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