Hello Folks! We hope that you’ve been hydrating and eating well at home. If you got a moment amidst your busy official schedule, we would like you to read this piece of article.

Don’t worry! It would not consume much time. You aren’t alone. This pandemic has already sent us to the sad lands. Many companies had to switch to working remotely due to it.

Talking about working from home, some companies might find it even difficult to adhere to remote working rules due to multiple reasons. The thing is that larger corporations and big names wouldn’t find it difficult to work remotely. It’s the small setups that would affect.

One similar instance is a software startup company. Now, these types of startups are best flourished when there is a dedicated workplace of employees where they can code, execute, and troubleshoot better.

Unfortunately, the Covid pandemic has locked down such workplaces, so employees of small setups have to work from home. That might be a challenge for software companies, but hey, who said it’s impossible?

Here we offer the seven best tricks to a software startup company to help their employees work better remotely.

The 7 Best Tips & Tricks:

If you are running software or any type of startup, then keep these points in mind.

1. Be Kind To The Employees:

The pandemic hasn’t been kind; it doesn’t mean that you should also become mean to your employees. Please treat them with respect. Keep them engaged by asking about their opinions on different issues.

You can also motivate them by giving them some time off or a bonus for the month. Don’t become too bossy, and let the employees show what they are capable of.

2. Create Regular Check-ins:

You can also create a regular check-in management system where the employees can connect with their managers on a particular timestamp. This will create a collaborative environment since a software startup needs time to time guidance.

Moreover, the employees can create period check-ins with their co-workers too. The thing under consideration would be that the timestamp must be fixed and predictable. The same policy must be applied while checking out so that the manager is aware of the productivity done in a day.

3. Communicate Through Efficient Mediums:

Communication is a big fat key when it comes to running a software startup or any other business. You might need constant help when you are developing some software. The thing is, how can you connect efficiently with your work pals while working remotely?

Well, firstly, you got Emails and text messages to start. If no, then you can call each other over the landline, cellphone, or Whatsapp. If you think you need to have a face-to-face connection, you can opt for Zoom, Skype, or any other video calling available at your workplace.

Remember, completing the work should be the priority no matter what medium you use.

4. Look After Their Domestic Issues:

While many setups wouldn’t even go through such a thing, one cannot ignore this factor. Your employees are working from home. Not every home has the right environment for work.

Some people lack the proper space, while others have kids and other family members who wouldn’t understand how important software development is and how quiet space you need to work.

The managers must ask what time their employees would feel the easiest to perform a certain task. In that way, productivity would increase to a much greater extent.

5. Provide Ample Resources To The Employees:

One significant difference between a physical workplace and working from home is the equipment. Mostly, the employees do not possess such high-performance systems at their homes. This might put a big delay in their productivity as software development requires the latest system for compilation.

Moreover, not every employee can afford to buy a better system amidst the pandemic. What you can do is to provide them with the best options. As a startup, you may not have much to offer, but you can still give them as many tools as you can.

6. Be Flexible Enough:

Working from home could be more tiresome than working in an office. Software developers need proper rest and diet to work on. If they are not having enough rest or diet, then be a good manager or, say, be a good human and talk to that employee.

Listening to employees’ rants would give them confidence. Allowing them pizza breaks or coffee time would make them happy, and they will show more productivity in return. It’s the managers who have to be flexible.

7. Combine Empathy, Admiration, Management, and Professionalism:

Our last tip would sound tricky, but as a matter of fact, it is the easiest. A software company, whether small or big, can run better under professional yet kind management.

Employees work better when they feel that they have a voice. Admiring their work would push them to work harder. Even if their work is not up to the mark, you can guide them as a mentor rather than discouraging them.

Maintaining a disciplined environment, becoming a leader would help your new startup reach new heights.


So, that is all for now. Managing a software startup remotely is not difficult at all. You only need to remain calm. As a leader, you have to remain mentally fine to counter all the challenges you and your employees face. No hurdle exists for long.